Although his first five albums stayed fairly true to an Americana – esque roots rock style, wiL's sound of late has expanded to include a broader range of musical styles; due in part to his parents Friday Night Listening Parties where little Billy would attend til bedtime or to when, as a teenager, he holed himself up in the basement, on headphones; listening to everything from Leona Boyd to Iron Maiden, having no idea at the time that one day he would become a song writer and that this obsession with diversity would weave such an indelible mark - on his original music and on the cover songs he would choose to reinvent.  


 “There was a time when I fought to try and stay within the parameters of what I felt was expected from me, says wiL, but I have felt a burning desire over the past three years to simply make music that inspires me whether it be an acoustic folk style ballad or a synth driven pop song and the latter was where my head was at when laying the idea for 'My Friend'. The Remix version (Track 2 on the new EP) was actually the original track and then when I went out to road test some new music with my drummer we had such positive feedback from fans that I went right back home and laid it down that way as well. 

So, when it came time to release it we decided to give fans both versions; let them A-B them and decide for themselves. Heck, maybe it will spawn some diversity that my parents instilled in me. Either way, the unifying thread with my music will always be my voice but I refuse at this point in my career to make music for others. As the captain of my own ship, so to speak, I am simply able to write what I feel, regardless of any one ‘sound’. I want to be able to listen to any song I write in the future and say “yep, I wrote that and I’m damn proud I did.”


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Drive, by The Cars is one of my favourite songs from the 80's was inspired to cover it.

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My Friend

My Friend is the first single off the upcoming album 'Gold Mine'. It's about finding that person that, with out any doubt, has your back.

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My Friend (Remix Version)

Instead of releasing a remix later on down the road we decided to make it a double with a side of Alt Pop.

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On Gold Digger, wiL borrows inspiration from the traditional roots music he grew up with, adds a generous serving of southern soul and transforms Kanye West’s rap mega hit into a contemporary Americana infused pop rock roller coaster.

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Over the past couple years I have been recording a selection of cover songs; songs that truly impacted or moved me no matter the genre they were born from. And so, on Cry, the second release in this project, I pay homage to Godley & Creme's 1985 mega hit; perhaps helped on by the ground breaking "face morphing" concept video that hit MTV that same year.

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The Living Well is an upbeat and inspirational piano and electric guitar driven track written for Young Living Canada

WiL Takes “Gold Digger” to Church on New Kanye West Cover”

CoverMe Music Review