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  1. El Paseo

From the recording El Paseo


Pack it up my love
Up in in time to leave,
We’ll be fine my love
We’ll find somewhere to sleep

But in your hand holds your heart,
iI’s tough to watch it bleed

And this is what we do
We live a crazy little dream
We’re always running through...
Another day to chase the dream.

You know we’re always runnin’ on
A spark we throw in time,
We chase the good in wrong
With a tiny bit if light,,,,,
( la la la la la )
Got us tickets for the long Broken, old spooky, cold wooden
... roller.... coaster ride!!!!

Yeah this is what we do.....
We live a crazy little dream
Just look up see the moon
and the stars up through the trees
Yeah this is what we do!
Live a crazy little dream
It’s all we know to do
Get your shoes on follow ….me

I got us tickets for the long broken, old spooky, cold, wooden
... roller.... coaster..... ride!!!!
So now it’s time that we buckle in and we start to sing about us rollin into life.....

And here is what we do
We’re just crazy livin dreams
you know i’d follow you
to the the end of any street......