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  1. Brother

From the recording El Paseo


Some day we'd laugh again
It just wasn't happening at all…
Then came a wake up call all……
It took all the air that day
Then in your eyes the flame
Had burned away so small

What had been really asked of you
Is do you wanna live inside the spiral fall?
The plans were made
A dragon slayed
You made it through some dark days with her love……

So hey now, hey now
It's so nice to see you here right now
Hey now, hey now
Yah we now laugh and love
And love you more because
You are so strong……

That rigid rope gets tight
But with us by your side
Yah we can cut it of off….

Yeah brother it's tough, you know I know
Sometimes we feel Like letting go
We gotta hold on
At any given time, man I can prove
The very best they'll cry with you and fall ……

So hey now, hey now
I always see you when I'm in town
So good to see you
I really love to see you

Yah when I come home!