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  1. Thunderbolt

From the recording Both Hands


He showed up in black
Preached out in the heat
Chased out to the road
Jumped on in with me

Hes older and Im young
Far too young to see
Thunderbolt was speakin
Preachin right at me

The plan had been done
By Thunderbolt and son
One of them fell dead
July 51

10 years gone and done
We took out the wall
Loaded up the trunk
The cherrys turned on
Our partners beat us down
Kicked hard, bled inside
They were shot down soon
We chose to run and hide

Found that tiny school
We opened up the wall
The moneys still wrapped up
Since July of 51

We bought a brand new car
With Backwoods all to light
Drove into the day
Thats when I said "goodnight"

Thunderbolt stopped the car
Shook Lightfoot twice
And with one eye closed
Thats when I said "goodnight"