wiL on Music, Loss and Love - A Salish Wolf Podcast with Todd Howard

WiL Gets Personal in this  unapologetic and refreshingly candid podcast with host Todd Howard. Watch the Full Podcast HERE

wiL - Live at The Tractorgrease

Streamed Live August 30th 2020

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Like all touring artists around the world, the revenue from playing live shows has ceased due to Co-Vid 19. The concerts that we had booked, from March 15th through July have either been cancelled or postponed til further notice and so we have teamed up with Blue Frog Studios and made available the full concert footage of my live album, in Super HD for Just $5.99. We receive a portion of the revenue from each stream and YOU get to watch it whenever you want. You can pause it and return when convenient and we guarantee that. although isn't QUITE the same as being at a live show, we promise it's about as close as it gets..

wiL - Live at the Blue Frog

Co-Vid 19 and Its Real Impact

Without access to Federal Government support, a critical amount (over 90%) of Canadian Independent Music Companies are predicted to permanently close within the next 6 months.


Live Music Videos

'Dedicated To'

Are You Someone who has a Crazy Awesome/Unbelievable Story about a wiL Song That Changed Your Life and/or the Life of Someone Close to You? If So, wiL wants to know about it Cuz he's going to choose a Doozy from the Submissions then re-record an acoustic version and dedicate it to that special someone.

Send Us Your Story by Wednesday of each week then every Friday at 6PM (PST) we'll post Dedicated Track of the Week on Our Socials. 

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