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  1. Summer Song

From the recording El Paseo


Soon summer we wake up
Wake up little butter cup
Grab the dogs and we pack it up
Then off we be

Roll on through the valley dips
Old song on your cherry lipsLo
Looking for that eleven klicks
Sign on the tree…

Can't keep it up too late
In the boat on an early wake
Ski tip pointed up straight
Then smile at me…..

And every day’s a new day living fun
In everyway we’re playing in the sun
Some summer sun!!!!!

Just think about your mom
Brush’n sand off your tiny bum
Brothers boat chalk full of fun
and family

Hot springs then a burger hut
Jacks arm got you in a hug
Back to the beach and suit it up!
Up for a ski!!

And every days a new day living fun…
In every way we're playing in the sun!
Some summer sun!!!!!

The next summer we wake up
Head back little butter cup
Always know we can pick it up
From where we leave….